Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mister Rogers

Won't you be, oh please won't you be my neighbor?

We recently acquired new neighbors.  So as a welcome gift, Mom and I decided to Pinterest some things.  Here is the end result. In the brown paper sack, we put fresh brownies, as well as a box of the same brownies Mom baked, just in case they really like them.  Don't you hate getting something really good then not knowing how to make it??

I created a template for the coke bottle hanger.  If you need the template, I have attached both the one I used, and two versions of a blank one (one is for newer Microsoft Word versions, and the other is for older versions in case you have trouble).

*I forgot to add a line for folding, I just eyeballed where to fold.

The template you see in the picture - pdf

Blank template - docx

Blank template - doc

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