Friday, August 23, 2013

a HAIRied decision...

I had to buy a new hairbrush the other day, not something I do on a weekly basis.  In fact, I am not sure how long I had had mine prior to it snapping in half, but I'm fairly confident it dates back to college.  I went to the store to purchase this hairbrush, foolishly thinking, I'll just run in grab a clone of my old brush, and get home.

Not so simple.

This is what I saw in the hair section, that left me speechless:

Did you know that the type, length, shape, ethnicity, and color of your hair determines what kind of brush you buy?  80 choices. All different combinations. Add in 3-4 color choices for each brush, and it was no short trip.  Smooth-dry hair? Smooth-frizzy hair?  Smooth-curly hair? Smooth-straight hair? Short? Medium? Long? All lengths?

I wanted MY brush. Gray and black, Goody basic.

Did they have MY brush?


I read every label. On every brush. 

Wanna know what kind of brush I got?  Because we all know I have curly, shoulder-length, mushroom shaped frizzy, Caucasian, brown hair.  What kind of brush matches that combination?

Simple. The first two that were the same color as my comb at home.  Were they "Specially designed to give <my> hair a smooth, nutritious look every time!" brushes? No, they were the right color, and frankly, that's all that matters.

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