Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 12 On-line Dating Profile Pictures

I am not ashamed to say that I have tried on-line dating.  During this journey, I discovered several picture types that guys have on their profiles.  The typical pictures are as follows:

Top 12 On-line Dating Profile Pictures

12. Selfie in a foreign place.

11. Selfie in another foreign place (probably doing mission work.)

10.  Selfie in a famous United States city.

9. Selfie with your kids(with a caption that says "Hanging with my son" but a profile that says "I don't have children at home.")

8.  Selfie with or in your vehicle.

7.  Selfie with your dog(or neighbor's dog if you don't have one)

6.  Selfie doing something athletic(marathon, biking, fishing, etc.)

5.  Selfie at a sporting event(probably with a beer in hand)

4.  Serious selfie in your bathroom mirror.

3.  Picture with your ex that you have cropped out(just plop it in paint and erase her)

2.  Selfie with a niece or nephew.

And the NUMBER ONE most often found picture on a profile...

1.  Picture that has been scanned in and is at least 3 years old (preferably Olan Mills family portrait circa 1996, but Prom pictures work too, because we both know that since you are 30 you look the same as when you were 17-18.)

Anyone else have a type of picture that shows up a lot?  Feel free to comment and share!

On a side note, I tried on-line dating, I was skeptical (Catfish anyone?).  But I was pleasantly surprised when almost 6 months ago I was matched with a man that makes my heart smile every day.  He challenges me both intellectually and spiritually.  I started to think it wouldn't happen.  I'm not advertising for any specific site.  But answer me this, how do you know it'll end badly for you, just because it didn't work out for someone else?  If nothing else, I knew I'd walk away with a few laughs.  Luckily, I walked away with a best friend as well :).

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