Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meet the Meat

I know, I know, it has been a very long time since I posted.  Well I'll make up for that today, hopefully.  By some ADD bunny trail chasing moment, where we were discussing expository text, and a graphic of the food chain, the class and I got caught up on the discussion of steak fingers.  This is not funny, yet sad, very sad.
Me: Well what are we having for lunch?
Students in unison: Steak fingers!
Me: Okay, and where do steak fingers come from?
Students stare into space blankly.
One brave student volunteers.
Student: The cafeteria.
Me: Well yes, where does the cafeteria get them from?
Another student: Sonic!
Me: Not quite.
Another student: Wal-Mart!
Me: Okay, what animal would we get steak fingers from?
Students stare into space blankly, yet again.
Another brave student volunteers.
Student: Pigs!
Me: Where do hamburgers come from?
Student: Sonic!
Student: McDonald's!
Me: What animal?
Student: Pigs?
Me: Hamburgers come from cows.  Steak fingers come from cows.  Lots of things we have come from cows!
Student: Chicken nuggets?
Student: No, those come from Sonic.
Me: CHICKENS.  Chicken nuggets come from CHICKENS!
Me: What about bacon?
Students: PIGS!
Me: YES! What about eggs?
Students: PIGS!
Me: Chickens.  Eggs come from chickens.

At this point I stopped the class, found a video on cows and the things they give us, and sat back in amazement.  When they found out cows gave us yogurt, ice cream, and what we need for cheeses, they were beyond amazed.  When they found out leather belts and boots came from cows, their mouths dropped.  Did we stray from the lesson? Yes.  Did we still learn? Yes. 
How does a child make it to the age of 9 and 10 and NOT know where what we eat comes from?  

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