Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sketch and Spell

Every week, I have my students write their words and draw a picture of what they mean.  We call it "Sketch and Spell." I, like a crazy person, think that spelling words are pointless if you are never able to use them in a sentence. R-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s, no?  Well, today I had my first 100.  A student who has trouble using words to explain things, but obviously knows what the words mean.  Here is the proof.
Does he not just look like a criminal?? He is even holding her purse!

 I'm not even sure I could draw a sigh, but this is perfect.
 You better believe I'm thankful this one has the d's and b's right!

 There is no question about what this word means.
 Okay...seriously? I know adults that couldn't picture this.
 Hmm...think this kid ever has to be reminded that it is bedtime?
 The lines going to the paper are a perfect way to show it is a verb. 
How did I get so lucky to have this student??
 Laying bricks?? WOW!
 I'm loving her face, hair, and the bent tree!
I saved the best for last.  Is that not a perfect description of delight?

How someone can communicate such meaning through just stick people, I will never know.  But I am certainly thankful God brought them into my life.  I love my job!

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