Saturday, September 26, 2015

Picasso Pumpkins

While leisurely browsing Hobby Lobby's markdowns, I came across these face cutouts:
You see faces, I saw much more. So I snagged a set of 30 for $1.48. Once I got them home I went all Picasso and whacked off an ear.
You see it now, I know you do. Pumpkins! Next I traced my pumpkin onto some scrapbook paper.
Cut the shape out. 
Pulled another Picasso, off with the another ear.
Now I had pumpkins, but I wasn't satisfied with the stubby stem. If you like it then you're done, if not, here's what I did.
I'd like to say I could tell you exaclty what to do next, but I just eyeballed a good stem (on the first try mind you),
and I used it to make my own template.
Now to create a string of them that will be my garland. Or they could be cards, notes to send out, the possibilities are endless. Do not be deceived by what you see, craftiness comes when you least expect it!

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