Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Story of Us

This is completely unrelated to my normal topics.  But this was something I just had to share.

My friend Paul, and his cohost Rachel, have started a podcast that simply tells the stories of ordinary people.  The idea is simple, yet unique, and overwhelmingly powerful.  This podcast, through Paul and Rachel, gives people an opportunity to connect to one another through their personal stories.  Everyone has been through something that could potentially change the life of someone around them for the better. 

If you have not already, please look them up via their:

twitter: @thestorypodcast
iTunes search podcasts: The Story of Us

Please subscribe, rate them, and leave a comment on iTunes.

High fives to Paul and Rachel for a job well done on their new podcast.  Keep the stories coming!

Do you have a story you'd like to share?  E-mail Paul or Rachel at

Your story could change someone's life.

Your story could teach someone something.

Your story could make someone laugh when they most need it.

Your story could provide hope during a time of difficulty.

Your story could make a difference.

I highly recommend Episode 5, partially because, well, it's my story.


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